5 Disadvantages of Dating Your Best Friend

5 Disadvantages of Dating Your Best Friend

You are fortunate if you have a friend who knows all your guilty secrets and deepest imaginations. It is unquestionably enjoyable being around the person to whom one can talk nonsense and still share meaningful conversations. You can spend almost every moment with that individual. Uncertainty arises at the stage in friendship when you realize that you have a crush on your best friend. Are you thinking of courting this preeminent buddy of yours? We would advise you to have a second thought.Thus, to draw attention to a number of disadvantages of dating your best friend, consider all these things before kneeling down and asking him out.

1. Risk of losing your friendship

If your best friend rejects your proposal, things would never be same as before and may even turn out to be awkward. You risk a chance of losing your friendship.

2. No surprise left

Surprise element adds spice to a relationship. When two people dating do not know much about each other, they get fascinated by the new things they learn about one another. You are going to skip this fun part. Also, being familiar to a great extent with your date since the beginning may not work in your favor.

3. Chances of losing your comfortability with him

It is said that by no means, mix up relations – ‘Let a friend be a friend and a lover be a lover’. You might miss your friendship after starting to date. That easiness you have when around him, may be lost. At one time you can only have a ‘best friend’ or a ‘boyfriend’ but not both.

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