5 Interesting Facts About Shakira

5 Interesting Facts About Shakira

Shakira is one of the most talented musicians and dancers in today’s day and age. Not only is she rich, successful and famous, but she is also a good human being. You can hate her, you can love her, but you just cannot ignore her. Everything about her – right from those good looks to those trademark curls, that extraordinary voice and that flexible body that performs some of the most amazing dance moves, everything makes a lasting impression. Here we enlist 5 interesting facts about this irresistible, charismatic beauty.

1. Shakira- The Person

Shakira is born Colombian and is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer and philanthropist. She is blessed with both beauty and brains. As a singer, she has many awards and recognitions to her credit and pays great detail to the lyrics of her song. Apart from singing, she loves to learn about history, culture and languages of different places, especially of those that she visits.

2.Shakira- The Student

There was one specific instance wherein she attended a class in Los Angeles, at the University of California, to know more about Western Culture through a class on the History of Western Civilization. To avoid a celebrity tag, she registered at the class using her middle and last name, Isabel Mebarak and told the professor she was from Colombia.

3. Shakira- The Artist

Music is and will always be Shakira’s passion. Despite being such a talented dancer, especially so in the form of belly dancing, she lets nothing replace singing as her top priority. Whenever she is seen singing with her guitar on, it is like she is one with her music and it is all coming from within her. Her commitment and dedication to what she does endears her to the billions of fans she has the world over. She sets an example to a lot of other musicians, who try to follow her footsteps in their upward climb.

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