4 Reasons Why Women Talk More than Men

4 Reasons Why Women Talk More than Men

Ever been told by your best guy friend to slow down? Or do you at times feel it’s you that does all the talking, while your boyfriend/husband doesn’t even utter a word? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. There are millions of women like you, who don’t ever seem to run out of things to talk about. Women talk more than men. Researches show an average woman talks about 20,000 words a day, almost three times more than a man. An average man speaks 7000 words a day. Here are four reasons why women talk more than men.

1. Women’s brains have more speech protein

FOXP2 – this strange sounding name isn’t a software program or a new-found species of a four-legged creature. It’s a protein in our brains! It is directly responsible for how much we talk. Researches conducted by University of Maryland School of Medicine show that women’s brains have more FOXP2 than men. The research included studies of male and female brains of four to five year old and it’s found that a girl’s brain has 30% more speech protein than a boy of her age. Though this isn’t quite a conclusive research, but this does give us a clue about women’s talkativeness. So there’s now a biological reason why most women talk more than men.

2. Women tend to notice more

Apart from the research, there are other factors that give us a clue as to why women apparently talk more than men. Make a note of how much you remember after you’ve come back from a party and you’ll know. It’s a fact, women notice more. Being keen observers, they have an eye for detail. Since women notice more they have endless things to talk about.

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