How To Deal With A Flirtatious Boss?

How To Deal With A Flirtatious Boss?

Flirting is healthy. Many people misunderstand the concept of flirting. It doesn’t have to involve sexual feelings or inappropriate advancements. Flirting can be used to make people comfortable with each other, and the work environment more friendly and conducive. The mere exchange of mischievous comments and occasional winks can boost up one’s energy level. However, there are some implacable men who, more often than not, use flirting as a dirty and sexually focused act. This is especially troublesome if your boss is one among such men. In order to deal with this trouble, we give you simple tips which might surely help you.

1. Give subtle warnings

An outrageously inappropriate flirtatious boss is a sure pain the neck. If you believe that you cannot do much other than simply nodding, smiling and tolerating the act, well, you are wrong. Next time your boss makes an inappropriate move on you, you tell him about your previous boss, his atrocious comments and your reaction to them. Even better if you can tell your boss all this just before he begins to flirt with you. Your message must hit home. Say something on the lines of ‘He was a sure shot womanizer and deserved to be reported; and so I filed a complaint against him following which he was fired’. Make sure it doesn’t sound threatening, but more like a fond recalling of the memory that you can never forget.

2. Refer to your husband/boyfriend

If you are a married woman, or a woman in a healthy relationship, use it to push your boss away. Talk about your husband or boyfriend from time to time, actually, all the time. Most men make a move on women under the impression that they are available. However, if you pass the message across that you are in a happy relationship and are not willing to spoil it for anything, your boss will probably stop his disgusting behavior.

3. The last straw

If you are not bothered about the side effects it will cause, you can always say that you are simply not interested in men. Even better, if you can claim you have a girlfriend. This sure ought to get you rid of any sexual advancement from your boss.

And the final way out is to file an anonymous complaint against your boss. Most organizations have certain policies to handle such situations, so go ahead and make use of them.

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