7 Essential Haircare Tools

7 Essential Haircare Tools

Our hair need extra care to look beautiful. It is important that you devote some amount of your time daily, to hair care. Right from deciding the combs to the shampoo and styling, we need to be careful in picking the products for our hair. Here are some essential hair care tools.

1. The shampoo

Do not simply go by the shampoo ads. Go to your hair stylist and know your hair type. If it is smooth and straight, you need a shampoo that maintains the smoothness and shine. If your hair is frizzy, you need to use a shampoo that is not too harsh and oil free. If you have wavy hair, you need a mild shampoo with less oil content in it. It is good to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner suggested by your stylist, even if it is a little expensive. It is best not to frequently shift from one brand to another as it can spoil the texture of your hair.

2. The comb

Always keep shampoo combs whatever may be your hair type. Shampoo combs must be used when hair is wet after wash and before you dry them. These help open the tangles in the hair without hair loss. Rub your hair gently when it is wet. Use a soft bristled brush after drying your hair. Use brushes with rubber bases. They will not break your hair while brushing and are easy to clean. Combs are best when you decide to wear a bun or braid your long hair.

3. A hair dryer

If you are not drying your hair naturally by keeping them open, then you must use a good quality dryer that has other attachments to it. Direct heat from the dryer can dry your hair in the long run. So use the attachment that spreads the heat evenly.

4. A good hair spray

To get the perfect hair look, use a good quality hair spray and do not spray too much or else it will be difficult to get it off. Always consult a hair stylist before using hair spray for the first time.

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