8 Fashion Trends that Need to be Ditched

8 Fashion Trends that Need to be Ditched

There are some fashion trends that are so mind-blowing and then there are some which tempt you to trash them away for good. There are also certain trends which when introduced, created a rage and were quite pleasant, however they stayed back like unwanted guests. These are 8 kinds of fads that need to be ditched ASAP.

1. Gel nails

Long box shaped nails or talon like pointy nails, like that of a witch’s, are totally outdated. Gel manicures and acrylic nails were once upon a time considered innovative and girly. Many women around the world have since then moved on. Since a fad is called a fad because it’s a short term thing; making them long term is only going to make you look like an outsider to fashion.

2. Mullet dresses

What are mullet dresses anyway? They are short on the front and flowingly long on the back so they are neither a proper short fitting dress nor a feminine gown. When the setup itself is confusing, the look becomes confusing too and that’s the problem with these mullet dresses which need to vanish soon.

3. Spikes

An overload of spikes has been seen, be it on heels, jackets, tops, rings, necklaces, purses, etc. This trend is not unique anymore and it’s time to get out of the tough girl phase and relax with this rebellious fad for a while.

4. Bandage dresses

Bandage dresses were so overrated when they debuted on the international fashion scene, especially by fat celebs who wore them to look thinner, that they also became overused. Anything in a moderate degree is acceptable and when something goes overboard, it’s time to ditch it.

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