Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money is the be all and end all for almost everyone’s existence and survival. Most of us associate money and financial stability with happiness. The richer, the happier, they say. But is that really true? Can money buy happiness? We are not talking about just a smile on the face. Let’s find out if money can really buy true happiness.

1. Money can’t buy love

We are sure that you agree with us when we say that love is the most beautiful and precious feeling in the world, don’t you? The amount of happiness that love can give you is unmatched by anything else. Now, can money buy happiness by buying you love? The answer is definitely a no because love can’t be bought.

2. Money can’t buy health

You may be the richest person in the world but if you are plagued by ill health, there is usually very little happiness in your life. You may be a millionaire and be able to afford continuous visits and treatments at the hospital, but how long will you tolerate the mental instability of illness? That’s one of the reasons why we say that money can’t buy happiness. Remember folks, a healthy body and mind is priceless and definitely cannot be bought with money.

3. Money can’t buy friends

A new Ferrari and a palatial home with a swimming pool may get you friends who will hop over for a party, but are they true friends? Will they stick up for you when you have bad times, ill health, emotional troubles and more? Friends who value your friendship don’t really care how rich you are or how many cars you have. So, can money buy happiness? No. Because money can’t buy the joys and happiness of friendship.

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