8 Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

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When you fall in love with a narcissist, the relationship is likely to end on a bad note unless you are willing to let go of your own individuality. Are you worried that your guy might be a narcissist? Well, you need not be in doubt anymore! We give you some of the traits of men who are narcissists or have narcissistic tendencies.

1. He has no empathy

A guy who is narcissistic will have the least concern about how others are feeling or how badly they might be hurt. He would lack a sense of empathy towards others’ pain and suffering.

2. He demands extraordinary attention

If a man has narcissistic tendencies, he would expect excessive admiration and adulation. He would also be hungry for a lot of affirmations. He will be constantly fishing for compliments and expect positive analysis.

3. He believes he is one of a kind

He would often tell you that no one gets him. He would feel that he is unique and special. Another trait of a narcissistic person is that he believes that he can only be associated or understood by someone who is as unique as him.

4. He is obsessed with fantasies

You would often find a narcissistic man having fantasies about immense wealth, fame, success, power or even omnipotence. You will find him being too full of himself with little room for the other person’s dreams.

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