5 Interesting Religious Facts about Christmas

5 Interesting Religious Facts about Christmas

There are things and stories we have been hearing about various festivals from our elders and some through tales. Similarly there are various stories and facts we have heard about Christmas and it is difficult to say which are true and which aren’t. Here are 5 religious facts about Christmas.

1. XMAS, the abbreviation

XMAS is not a modern and contemporary word for Christmas. The ‘X’ comes from ‘Chi’, the first letter ‘chi’ of the word Christ in Greek. Xmas is therefore a religious abbreviation that is being used from a very long period of time.

2. The date of Christmas

Initially, Christmas wasn’t celebrated as a major feast. So, there was an attempt to give a particular date to the birth of Christ in 200 A.D and different religious groups and leaders came up with different dates. Finally, the date was decided to be 25th December. 25th December was celebrated as the birth of the sun so it was decided that the day on which the sun was born, Christ should be born.

3. Nativity sets

We have seen during Christmas in the miniature set ups that show the birth scene of Christ and the people, animals present there. The fact is that this set was developed in the 13th century by Saint Francis.

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    I heard it was Prince Albert who introduced the Christmas Tree.

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