12 Interesting Facts About Pregnancy

12 Interesting Facts About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life that spreads happiness and cheer to her and people around her. There are many facts and myths that you may have heard about pregnancy and several others you may have the least clue about. Learn some interesting pregnancy facts to make your phase even more fascinating.

1. The United States witnesses 6 million pregnancies every year. This implies that at any point in time, about 4% of the women in the country are pregnant.

2. Only 3% of pregnant women deliver twins. The highest twinning percentage is observed in Nigeria with about 4.5 percent of pregnant women giving birth to twins. Some researchers have attributed increased yam consumption as the reason for twins.

3. Due date is probably one of those very important dates during pregnancy. This is the date when your baby is expected to be born. Although, the actual date has several factors to consider; on an average, the due date is a date that is counted from the last menstrual cycle for a period of forty weeks.

4. A full term baby weighs an average of eight pounds today which is an increase from six pounds around thirty years ago.

5. A pregnant woman is required to eat an extra 300 calories every day. This amount can be equaled to half a bagel and one serving of yogurt.

6. A pregnant woman’s feet does not grow wider or longer. But her shoe size may go up half a size and this is because of increased fluid retention in her foot.

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