3 Ways to Win Him Back After You Cheated on Him

3 Ways to Win Him Back After You Cheated on Him

You have cheated on your boyfriend. It may seem to be the most despicable thing that you had ever done in your life and now you want him. There are ways to get back your boyfriend after you have cheated on him. But before you do that there are certain things that you have to understand about men and cheating. Men expect women to forgive them after they have strayed and take them back and most women do. But with men, they see it as a blow to their identity and ego when you cheat on them. They also consider you as their property or territory at times that it is totally unfathomable and difficult for them to even think of sharing you with someone. Keeping this in mind, you will have to make careful moves to in him back after you have cheated on him. Here are some ways to win him back.

1. Sit back and think why you cheated on him

There may be a lot of reasons on why you cheated on him. You may have been bored with him, fund the other guy attractive, could have done it when you were drunk or just did it for fun. You could have also done it because you were angry with him. Whatever the reasons think back on why you did it and be ready to face his questions. Do not justify what you did if you are feeling guilty and really want him back. Answer his questions calmly. Even if you being calm can drive him up the wall, later on he will appreciate your honesty.

2. Give him space to vent it out

Men have different coping mechanisms to vent out their anger ad deal with cheating issues. If he withdraws away from you and wants his space, let him have it. If he wants to shout and stomp around, bear with that too. Draw a line when it comes to emotional or physical abuse though as no one is worth that much. Let him be for a while, do not keep apologizing constantly and bugging him to talk about it. Let him deal with it himself first before you two can talk about it.

3. Stay consistent

After you have made your confessions and you two decide to try staying together again, the important thing you can do to win him back is to remain consistent after that. If you promise him something, do it. Return his calls and spend more time with him. Do not go over the top with your actions, but let him know through words or your behavior that you regret that had happened and that you are trying to get everything back on track.

Cheating on your boyfriend and breaking his trust is a bad thing to do, but if you are genuinely feeling bad about it, he will always know and understand. It takes time to heal and you need to give him that. You also need to reassure him that it won’t happen again. Explain to him why it happened and try to solve the issue instead of focusing on the apologies alone.

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