10 People Skills You Must Master

10 People Skills You Must Master

No man is an island by himself. On a daily basis you meet a lot of people. Even if you do not talk to every one of them, there is some contact with people. Be it at work or in your personal life, you need to improve your social skills to be able to interact well with people ad enrich both your life and their lives. Mastering people skills does not mean that you have to make life altering changes. You just have to make a few changes and have the will to change and be a better person people can relate to. Here are some people skills you must master.

1. Communication-Be communicative and communicable.

You should not only be able to communicate well with others and make them understand what you are trying to express but you should also be communicable, if it is an infectious way, all the more better.

2. Empathy-Learn to show empathy

You need to know when and where to show empathy. Empathy is a people and social skill that everyone must master if they do not want to come across as the ice queen or a cold person.

3. Generosity-Be generous

Being generous means not being generous with your things alone, but you can be generous with your time, advice and experiences. Share with people your life and the experiences you have had. Sometimes a bit of your time is all what people would like from you.

4. Physical Gestures-Be physical when you must

Sometimes a physical tough or gesture can open a lot of doors and get you across to people like never before. A pat on the back for your employee, a handshake instead of a curt nod and a hug when showing love or empathy are harmless physical gestures you should and can master easily.

5. Listening-Be an active listener

Do not listen to hear, but listen to talk. People can always tell if you are really listening or if you are just faking it. Listen so that they are comfortable knowing that they have a captive audience.

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