5 Ways to Tell Your Kids the Truth about Santa

5 Ways to Tell Your Kids the Truth about Santa

Santa is what makes Christmas so special for kids. In fact, they wait for the Xmas season just to get some surprise gifts from the old man. Santa, the joyous, white-bearded man, who delivers gifts like toys and candies to all the obedient children in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty ones on the single night of Christmas Eve, is the much loved character among children. Now, when the kid gets to know that Santa is not real, there is no word to describe the disappointment that prevails. Hence, parents have to deal with this topic carefully. Check out 5 ways to tell your kids the truth about Santa.

1. Listen to them first

Kids generally find out from schools and friends about the identity of Santa. But before you think so, just ask what triggered such doubt in them. There are high chances that discussions between friends or TV programs have made them feel that there is something unreal about Santa. If they too believe it, appreciate them for their critical thinking. Knowing why they are asking such question as “Is Santa Claus real?” will actually help you answer more skillfully.

2. Talk to the kid

When the child pops the question, “Does Santa Claus exist, mom?” do not directly answer with a ‘no’. It would be good to ask your child what he/she believes it to be. The answer will let you understand where the child stands emotionally. Based on that, you can modify your answer.

3. Tell the story of Saint Nicholas

If you feel your kid is ready enough to hear the truth, you can spill the beans behind the Santa story. Before telling blatantly that Santa is unreal, make the child understand who Santa really was. Tell the story of Saint Nicholas and his generous nature of gifting the poor. To honor the tradition, people started leaving presents under the tree/in stockings/in shoes and Saint Nicholas became ‘Santa Claus’. The actual story can also help create a positive impression in the young minds and they might want to reach out and help others as well.

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