20 Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You

20 Things Your Boyfriend Won't Tell You

At all times, honesty may not be the best policy. What your boyfriend should and should not tell you may fall under this category. Many times, he may choose to do so because the statement could cause friction or the information could be too much for you to digest. Yes, there are some things which your boyfriend ensures he never tells you. Do you wish to know what they are? Then read ahead.

1. He will stay away from calling you ‘fat’ especially when you wear your favorite dress, simply because he may not want to hurt you. Do not push him too much and belittle yourself every time.

2. If your boyfriend loves you but does not share that affection for your parents, he is not likely to let you know about it. However, if you feel there is a loss of love between them, try to resolve as amicably as possible.

3. He may not want to dampen your spirits when you try your hand at cooking his favorite dish and it does not turn out to be good.

4. In most situations, your boyfriend will prefer to spend time with his other male friends rather than spending it with you. He may not be articulate about it but he will eventually display signs.

5. If you think your boyfriend is not looking at other girls, you are definitely mistaken. He will most probably be looking and may be even indulging in harmless flirting. But, he won’t tell that to you.

6. He may go to the end of world to get things for you but he will hate waiting for you. He will never tell this to you. Perhaps, he may want you to get the clue without the need to inform you.

7. He hates to be compared to anyone but may not want to pick up an argument if you attempt to do so. He will never tell you this.

8. Although most men are emotional, they do not really have the ability to express their love and affection openly to their partners.

9. He is not likely to discuss his childhood hardships or any kind of emotional disturbances he may be facing with you.

10. He may be open if you try to gain an upper hand over all things that involve the two of you but will not like it. Most boyfriends like to be the ‘man’ in the relationship.

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