10 Things That You Can Rob From Your Boyfriend’s Closet

Among the several things that girls can do and the boys can’t, one of the best one is cross dressing. Did you ever know that deep inside your boyfriend’s closet, there are certain things that can look cooler on you than on him? Girls look sexy in boys’ clothes, if worn well. Similarly, there are several boys’ accessories that look really sexy on girls. Here is a list of the stuff that you’d love to rob from your boyfriend’s closet.

1. T-shirts


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There is something about a girl who can carry off a guy’s t-shirt so well. Pick a round neck t-shirt having a neat color. Fold the sleeves on top giving it about 2 or 3 folds. You may tuck the t-shirt in your pants or just let it loose outside. Wear it on a pair of well-fitted jeans. Tip: Avoid wearing t-shirt on loose jeans or feminine skirts.

2. Shirts


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While girls look smart wearing their boyfriend’s t-shirts, they look sexier in their boyfriend’s shirts. For a formal look, pick up a plain colored shirt and tuck it inside a pair of well-fitted formal pants or skirt. For a casual look, wear the shirt on well-fitted denim shorts or jeans. Tie a knot using the either ends of the shirt near the buttons. Wear a camisole inside and unbutton the top few buttons of the shirt. Another idea is to wear it as a dress, to show off your legs. Team it up with a big belt, in a contrasting color, around your waist and flaunt your lovely figure.

3. Socks


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Instead of searching the market, digging for knee-length socks for you, wear your boyfriend’s socks. They may not be that long for him, but may be long enough to touch your knees. It is a great way to keep yourself warm in the winter. Plus, you’ll feel his love and warmth whenever you wear them.

4. Watches


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Girls’ watches are generally petite and delicate. Guys’ watches, on the other hand, are bigger and more sophisticated. Apart from the fact that they stand out, they tend to make your wrist appear thinner when you wear your boyfriend’s watches. It just ups your sexiness quotient.

5. Jackets


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Jackets not only keep you warm, but they also give you a neat and polished appearance. Some of them look royal and sophisticated, a look that can’t be found in jackets meant for girls. Leather jackets, jackets with fur or sports jackets carry a sense of sophistication. When it comes to girls, these jackets create a unique blend of masculinity and feminism.

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