How To Handle A Slacker In A Team?

How To Handle A Slacker In A Team?

2 out of 10 people in a workplace are slackers. They would rather sit idly throughout the day, than do some work. No matter how much a team leader tries, he/she may not succeed in getting the tasks done from such subordinates. No amount of threatening works either. If you have such team members working under you, then the tips given below can come handy.

1. Talk it out

It is imperative for the team member to know you realize that they do not want to work. Once you identify a team member who doesn’t show any inclination towards performing a task, fix a meeting and let them know that it is unacceptable. Have facts handy to support your stand. Make them understand that you are an understanding boss but will not tolerate procrastination. Talk in a gentle but firm tone.

2. Understand the problem

There are people who excel at certain jobs, but cannot even understand the requirements in other kind of jobs. So ask your team member why they do not want to work. Perhaps they were assigned a project against their wishes; maybe the department they wanted was sales, but instead got inventory management. You could then take up their preference to the higher management to see if things can be set right for that person.

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