Cats Vs Dogs – Which Pet Is Right For You?

Cat Or Dog? Which Pet You Should Keep?

This is perhaps the most common debate among pet owners “Which pet should you have, a cat or a dog?” Is there an answer to this question? Yes! They are equally loving animals and it is difficult to tag one pet as ‘better’. But both animals have typical personalities which should be kept in mind before you take the plunge. Read this article and then decide for yourself what suits your needs?

Do you need affection/attention?

If you want your pet to jump, run around you, and make you feel special after you come back home from work, get a dog. There are no two ways about it. Cats may come to you and give you that occasional rub on the feet but they are not too loud when it comes to displaying affection. So if you are a person that would like their pet to have a bubbly and cheerful personality, get a dog.

Are you busy?

Without a doubt, dogs require high maintenance as compared to cats. Dogs like to be taken outdoors for walks and for play time every day and may get depressed if they are left indoors for many days. Cats also like to be outdoors but prefer it indoors. Dogs need to be washed and groomed more frequently than cats. They can leave behind unpleasant smells and odors if cleanliness and hygiene are not maintained. You can leave a cat with enough food, fresh water, and litter boxes indoors for days and still have a happy feline!

Do you have the patience to train?

Cats need very less training. Training them to use their litter box is usually not too big an issue. You may, however, encounter difficulties when it comes to teaching them not to scratch all over the place. Dogs, on the other hand, require heavy training. Dog training requires time and effort because they are more active personalities and usually more mobile. More elements of their behavior need to be tuned and controlled when they are puppies. It is literally like having another family member. If you are not the one to have patience to train, go for a cat.

Do you have a big home?

Dogs like to move around and may not be happy campers if they are restricted to smaller spaces. They like to run around, exercise and keep fit. A cat, on the other hand, will be able to live in the smallest of places. You only need to make sure that you have a place to keep the litter box. If you have children, keep the litter box away from their reach. So if you have a small, cramped unit or apartment, a cat is a better option as a pet.

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