5 Questions You Must Never Ask Someone You Have Just Met

5 Questions You Must Never Ask Someone You Have Just Met

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you greet the person? The usual answer would be ‘How are you’, and ‘what do you do’. However, some people go overboard, and ask things, which make the person uncomfortable. Listed below are some questions you must never ask someone you have just met.

1. How old are you?

If someone meets you for the first time and asks you, “how old are you”, how will you react? Naturally you will feel irritated. It is better not to ask this question to someone you have just met. Do not ask about personal information, when you have just met the person. Please avoid this!

2. How much do you earn?

This personal question should be avoided. Figure this; you are meeting someone for the first time. And, you are directly asking how much you earn? It will not sound good right? So avoid asking questions related to money or personal spending. No one would feel comfortable answering about these questions.

3. Do you believe in God?

If you are generally talking about things with someone you just met, then it is fine. Do not ask the person, “Do you believe in God or what is your religion? These topics should be avoided if you do not know the person well.

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