8 Steps on How to Get a Commitment Phobic Man to Commit?

8 Steps on How to Get a Commitment Phobic Man to Commit?

No matter where on earth you are, there will always be a woman ruing the fact that her boyfriend is commitment phobic and no matter what she does, she can’t bring him around to committing to her. If you are one such woman, then don’t despair because men by nature are a bit apprehensive about commitments. But here are some tips which will definitely help you make a loyal partner of a commitment phobic. Listed here are some steps to make a commitment phobic want to commit to you.

1. Be certain that it is indeed commitment phobia

Just because your man is not popping the question, don’t just jump to the conclusion that he suffers from commitment phobia. There could be a whole other set of reasons like workplace stress or family problems which might be coming in the way.

2. Don’t be too pushy

Forcing a man to commit to you or repeatedly dropping hints of your eagerness to settle down will just scare him off rather than committing to you. Besides, even if you succeed in your endeavor, he will always have the feeling that he was rushed into making a commitment and it’s very much possible that the relationship won’t last long.

3. Be open with your man

Just because you don’t want to be pushy doesn’t mean you will shut your mouth forever. If even after some time together, your man just doesn’t seem to be committed enough, have a frank discussion to find out what the cause is.

4. Be supportive

A big reason that men don’t commit is that they want to be free and think that commitments will bog them down and stand in the way of their ambitions. You should prove him wrong on thus point by being supportive in all his endeavors. He shouldn’t feel that you are obstacle in his quest for realizing his dreams.

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