10 Steps To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

10 Steps To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Do you have a nagging boyfriend? Do you want to part ways with him because you cannot tolerate him anymore? Then go ahead with your breakup. Confront it before your guy without making it seem a bitter experience. Here is a list of a few things that will teach you how to break up with your boyfriend.

1. Think Over

Take your decision when you are in a calm state of mind. List down the reasons why you want to go away from him. If a breakup is the solution to your problems, make it your resolve.

2. Meet in person

A breakup is an equally devastating experience for a guy as much for a girl, especially if your guy has been head over heels for you since the beginning. Even if he is not an emotional fool, it’s always good to meet your guy in person. This will help you assert your point and will make him realize whatever you are talking of is serious.

3. Fix the date

Choose a suitable date for the last meeting. Ensure you do not break up on his birthday or valentines day or on your relationship’s anniversary.

4. Decide upon the place

Once the date is fixed, decide upon the place where to meet. Make sure, you do not meet him at the same place where your relationship bloomed. Avoid places where your acquaintances or friends may spot you.

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