20 Signs That He Is Not Into You

20 Signs That He Is Not Into You

Are you tired of asking yourself if he loves you or not? Sometimes, you get desperate in love and even when the other person is not reciprocating, you keep hoping that one day he would. But it’s better to wake up soon. To help you make a better decision, here’s a list of signs that you are wasting your time on a guy.

1. Every time you look at him, he looks away.

2. If you hold his hand, you don’t feel him pressing it back.

3. He hardly ever compliments you.

4. You get a dramatically new haircut and a make over, and he doesn’t even notice.

5. Even the best dress in your wardrobe has failed to bring any emotions or compliments out of him.

6. Whenever you are talking to him, you get a feeling that his mind is elsewhere.

7. He doesn’t make any effort to do anything special for you on your birthday or any other special day like Valentine’s Day.

8. Even on candle-night dinners, the topics of conversation revolve around office politics, work pressures, domestic chores and the likes.

9. He’s more interested in checking out other girls while you are talking to him.

10. He calls you by the wrong name! That’s one of the biggest signs, never let that slip away.

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