10 Tips to Help a Friend Through a Break up

10 Tips to Help a Friend Through a Break up

Breakups are never easy and it is not just the one at the receiving end of it who has to suffer. Especially if the person going through a breakup is a close friend of yours, it will also hurt you to see her in that sorrowful state. So if you earnestly want to comfort her in such a tough time in her life, make sure to do the following. Check out some tips to provide comfort to someone who is going through a breakup.

1. Don’t point out her mistakes

In fact, it should be the other way round. Tell her it is none of her fault and what had to happen has happened. Now it’s time to move on towards a better future with renewed vigor. It is the other person’s loss that he could not hold on to her.

2. Arrange an outing

Never let someone going through a breakup shut themselves up from the world. It will only add to their misery and make them depressed. Rather join her for an evening out or arrange for a little trip which will enable her to substantially get over her ex.

3. Make her look at the positive side

Tell her never to give in to any negative feelings. Though it might sound cliché, everything does happen for a reason and the faster one can stand back up on her feet, the better it is. Help her to focus on the brighter side of it all – no more petty arguments, more time to herself and the opportunity to start afresh.

4. Let her get it out of her system

One of the best ways to ensure that a person gets over a breakup is to make them let their feelings out. Bottled up emotions do more harm than good. Buy her a punching bag or take her to a mountain top where she can shout her heart out.

5. Make her take up a hobby

So what is to be done with the free time and ensure that sad thoughts don’t come to the mind? Well, just ask her to take up a long forgotten skill or a brand new hobby. Make her join a guitar class or take salsa lessons – anything that catches her fancy. The aim is to redirect her restrained energy into something constructive.

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