6 Ways to Spend Your Time Fruitfully While Stuck in Traffic

Ways to Spend Your Time Fruitfully While Stuck in Traffic

We all know the irritating feeling of being stuck in traffic. Bumper to bumper jam packed roads are a common occurrence in metros and cities and they have become an accepted part of our lives. However, the amount of time wasted in such traffic snarls could be put to good use if you follow these tips.

1. Listen to an audiobook

Refresh your mind by downloading an audio book on your smartphone or purchase an audio CD of the same and load it on the CD player of your car. Not only will it de-stress you, but it will also refresh and entertain you with a story.

2. Read a novel if you are not the one driving

Audio books are good for the driver and if you are the passenger then it is advisable to always keep a book or novel handy in your purse or car to enliven you in such boring times.

3. Dial up the number of an old friend

If you are the driver and using cell phones while driving is allowed by law in your area, then by all means you could text or call up an old friend to catch up on the good old times. If you are the co-passenger then you could use your smartphone to play games, chat on Facebook, tweet about your state of boredom, etc. You could download exciting apps and try them out as well.

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