5 Tips to Cope When Your Boyfriend is Going Away to College

5 Tips to Cope When Your Boyfriend is Going Away to College

Just when you thought you’ve met your Mr. Right, destiny plays a hand and he has to leave for college, away from you. But all need not look so gloomy and dejected. Even with a physical separation, it is still possible to continue with the relationship if you believe he’s the one for you. To make things easier for you, here are some tips on how to deal with your boyfriend leaving away for college.

1. Accept the situation practically

The first and the foremost thing that you can do is to accept the situation as it is. Enough of tear-shedding and heart breaking. Now is the time to get yourself together and accept that it’s time to separate physically.

2. Sit with him and show your loving support for him being selected

Tell him how proud you are that he got selected in the college and how you’ll always be there for him.

3. Work out a detailed plan

This is something which is very important – working out a detailed plan to keep the relationship full of life and vitality. There are all sorts of things to help you, all you need is a bit of planning. Talking on the phone, online chatting, e mails, webcams and of course the plan to physically meet – whether on weekends or holidays.

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