5 Ideas To Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

An evergreen fad is to wear your boyfriend’s clothes. Wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is a dressing style by itself wherein girls don clothes meant for guys as if it was right out of their guy’s wardrobe. Be it baggy denims or the funky cap with the borrowed aviator glasses, girls over the world like to just get something from the guys not meant for them and believe it or not, it all looks uber cool, if done right.


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1. Denims

Wearing baggy denims is a fashion trend which never dies out. In fact, there is a whole section of denims meant for the fairer sex as ‘boyfriend’s jeans’. Some girls go to the extent of wearing their guy’s casual 3/4th’s out with ease. Though this style looks really sexy on some, some others completely miss the mark.

T shirts

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2. T-shirts

Girls love to show off their perfect figure by wearing their boyfriend’s overgrown tees. Most of them seem perfect at the waist and overgrown at the top. This is where sleeves get rolled up and the tees are pulled up from the shoulders to show off a slender frame. Even girls on the bulkier side seem to benefit from this, as this effectively hides the fat.


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3. Shirts

Every girl has at least once in her lifetime worn a guy’s shirt. A guy’s shirt with sleeves rolled up has for long been a style statement among women. Some go a step further by partially tucking away the shirts to give a rather rough and rugged look. Wearing shirts meant for men requires a lot of confidence and poise, which not everyone can carry off that well.

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