10 Easy Steps for Preparing Homemade Salsa Dip

Easy Steps for Preparing Homemade Salsa Dip

Mexican cuisine has been a favorite all over the world. The most popular choice in Mexican cuisine is the salsa dip, which one can have with nachos and tacos. Listed below are some easy steps for preparing homemade salsa dip.

Step 1

Things that one would require for preparation of salsa dip are knife, butter knife, two bowls, and a cutting board. Use garlic press as an option for the dip.

Step 2

The ingredients that are required for the salsa dip are three tomatoes, one lime, one jalapeno pepper and one onion. Other ingredients are garlic, pepper salt, and cilantro.

Step 3

Take all the tomatoes and slice them equally. Then remove the seeds of the tomatoes with the help of the butter knife. Do not remove the flesh of the tomatoes, just the seeds. Keep the tomatoes aside.

Step 4

Put the tomatoes on the chopping board and chop them into fine pieces. Now, take an onion peel it and chop it in a similar way. Using a knife, chop the jalapeno pepper into small pieces. Put all the vegetables in a bowl.

Step 5

Take the garlic and put it in the garlic press, collect the juice if any. Alternately, one can also use a knife for cutting the garlic. Cut it into small pieces and then mince it using hands, the result will be similar.

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