5 Accessories That Make You Look Younger

5 Accessories That Make You Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to look young? Well, we all do. But applying costly cosmetics, anti-wrinkle creams and high SPF sunscreens are not the only ways to look young. With simple additions to your wardrobe, you can easily make yourself look younger and gorgeous. So here’s a list of some accessories that can give you that oomph factor and make you look beautiful and young.

1. Stilettos

Be a proud owner of great stilettos. High heels make you look tall, smart and young. But make sure you learn to carry them with grace. Wear them at home and try walking gracefully in a line, and then go ahead and flaunt your new heels and the younger you!

2. Colorful scarfs

Colorful scarfs are a great way to add some color to you. Always remember, youth is often associated with color, vigor and energy. So pep up your style by wearing a cool colorful scarf. There’s a great variety of scarfs you can choose from. Silk scarfs look graceful and stylish too!

3. Hair accessories

Get that cool youngster look by wearing some hair accessories. It can be a colorful hair band or some floral hair pins. Match it with your dress and style!

4. Trendy bags

A bag says it all! So never underestimate its importance. The choice of bag can add years to you or take them away! So make sure to choose the right bag for you, something which is stylish and trendy. Be bold and don’t be afraid to choose the bright colored ones too.

5. Watches

Your watch says a lot about you. So don’t choose a boring watch that immediately labels you ‘old and boring’. With such great variety available in the market, search and pick a cute one. You can choose any – fashionable, jewel studded watches or ones that come in a riot of colors!

6. Hats

Choose hats that would go great with your dresses and get that next door girl look, that too instantly!

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