All You Wanted to Know About Pregnancy and Exercise

All You Wanted to Know About Pregnancy and Exercise

Exercise helps us to stay healthy and fit. There are appropriate exercises for people of all ages and all body conditions. Exercise plays a very important role during pregnancy too. Most women think that exercising during pregnancy may be harmful for their baby. As long as there is no specific medical condition which requires abstaining from exercises, it is completely safe and also important for women to exercise during pregnancy.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Many of the common problems such as constipation, tiredness and backache, which occur during pregnancy, can be avoided with proper exercise. Exercise helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles during pregnancy. It builds your endurance and prepares your body for labor. The right exercises help to improve your breathing to fight pain during labor. Many women lose their body shape after childbirth. Mild exercising during pregnancy helps to regain the original body shape and fitness after childbirth.

Types of exercise for pregnant women

Mild exercises are best for pregnant women. Even if you have done heavy workouts before pregnancy, it is better to tone down your exercise regime during pregnancy and keep it simple. Walking is the most suitable exercise that can be practiced throughout the pregnancy term. It is good for your heart, and improves digestion. It also strengthens your leg and pelvic muscles which bear the strain of your increasing body weight. Yoga and Pilates are very good for your stomach and pelvic muscles during pregnancy. Being stress-free is very essential for the proper development of your baby. Yoga combined with meditation relaxes your body and mind. It is good to register for aerobics classes designed for pregnant women. Aerobics boosts up your energy levels. Your mind is relaxed and happy when you mingle with a group.

The right exercises

Though exercising is beneficial during pregnancy, it is equally important to choose the right set of exercises. The physical condition of each woman is different, especially during pregnancy. Some women may have conditions where complete bed rest may be required during the entire pregnancy term. So have a detailed discussion with your doctor to find out which exercises will be suitable for your body type and condition.

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