17 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone

17 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone

You love someone, but he has labeled you as a ‘friend’. When you are friendzoned, the chances are that you’ll always remain in the ‘friend’ category. It’s the most painful place to be because you are always around the one you love, but you just can’t have him. So how do you know whether you have some hope left or not? Here’s a list of signs that will tell you that you have been friendzoned.

1. You’ve confessed your love many times but he behaves as if nothing has happened.

2. Whenever you invite him or plan an outing just for the two of you, he shows up with common friends.

3. He keeps checking out other girls even when you are around.

4. He openly discusses about some girl that he likes and how he would like to be with her.

5. He doesn’t ‘dress up’ whenever you are around. That means he doesn’t go that extra mile to look special for you.

6. He never ‘looks’ at you in that special way.

7. You wear something hot and sexy but still he doesn’t compliment or seem to notice.

8. Every time you bring up the topic of love or your feelings towards him, he instantly changes the topic.

9. You change your hairstyle or give yourself a complete makeover and he doesn’t notice.

10. He considers you as his ‘dude’ friend.

11. He always keeps telling you how good a friend you are, especially emphasizing the word ‘friend’.

12. He often tells you what a great wife/girlfriend you will be, for some ‘other’ lucky guy!

13. He doesn’t try to touch your hand without a reason.

14. You often find yourself running errands for him or arranging his clothes. In worst case scenarios, you might even be doing his dirty laundry and all other household chores.

15. Your birthday is just like a birthday of any other friend for him. He does nothing special.

16. All you get on Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of ‘yellow’ roses.

17. He goes on dates with other women and shares details with you. That’s the biggest sign!

So if you find these signs, you know you are friendzoned. It’s always better to face the reality and move on! You’ll definitely find your Mr. Right one day!

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