7 Things to Do for Your Parents Anniversary

6 Things to Do for Your Parents Anniversary

Anniversaries are a big deal and as the years go by and the number of anniversaries keeps increasing for any couple, the occasion gets even more importance. Parents’ anniversaries touch a cord with their children as faith in the institution of marriage gets restored, as does the faith in the existence of true love. If your parents’ anniversary is nearing and you are all at sea as to what to do for them, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Book them a holiday

The best way to celebrate a couple’s anniversary is by giving them time alone with each other and letting them rediscover their love. Gift them an opportunity to go on a second honeymoon by booking a short trip for them. In fact, you can ask for leaves from their offices, if they are working, beforehand and surprise them with this holiday so that they don’t have to worry about missing out on work.

2. Arrange for a candlelight dinner

Who said romantic gestures and actions are only for the young? Remind them of their good old days by booking a candlelit dinner table for them and picking up the tab for the food, in a nice restaurant. They will surely love this effort of yours.

3. Make a personalized album

You could present them with a beautifully customized album of their pictures, ever since they got together till today. Add poems, lines, decorations and other such trivia to make it a fully personalized album.

4. Arrange for a surprise party

Surprise parties never go out of fashion and always manage to make the person feel special and pleasant. Call up all their friends, colleagues and relatives and plan the party carefully so that they don’t get even a whiff of it. Arrange for a 2 or 3 tier anniversary cake and raise toasts to your parents.

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