6 Drinks to Keep You Awake

Drinks to Keep You Awake

Whether you are slogging for the exams or working your butt off to complete an office presentation for the next morning, the one problem that you will definitely face is to keep sleep at bay. But the question is, how exactly are you supposed to do that? Here are few beverages that will help you fight sleep and keep you awake for your nocturnal adventure.

1. Coffee

What can be better than a cup of super hot coffee to ward off sleep? In fact, this caffeinated drink is one of the best options out there for you in case you are eagerly looking forward to a sleepless night. The advantage is that, black coffee just acts as a stimulant and is not like any regular energy drink and hence you don’t have to worry about it adding to your calories.

2. Chocolate drinks

Yes you read that right! Chocolate drinks especially milk chocolate helps you keep awake like no other drink. The reason is that the tyrosine present in milk chocolate gets converted into dopamine which is a powerful stimulant that fights sleep, all the more reason for you to rejoice in case you too have a sweet tooth.

3. Ginseng tea

You may not be a big fan of herbal tea but if you really want to avoid sleeping at night, do take a cup of ginseng tea before getting down to work at night. In fact, it is an equally good choice in the morning for the same reason. So head to the nearest shop and get your hands on a packet of ginseng tea and rest is automatically assured, you would be doing anything but sleeping for the entire night.

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