14 Interview Do’s and Don’ts

14 Interview Do's and Don'ts

An interview may seem daunting to many of you. It doesn’t matter then if it’s your first interview or you have given many interviews before. With the prospect that your career’s future lies ahead and in the sole hands of this job, you want to be prepared and give your best shot at it. All you career minded ladies out there, here we have come to give you the do’s and don’ts for an interview.

The Do’s

1. Do prepare for your interview

Depending upon the type of interview you are going for, you should prepare yourself. Look up the Internet and read some interview books on the kind of common questions that are usually asked in most interviews. Also, acquire knowledge about the company.

2. Do show your interest

It is necessary for you to show your interest in the interviewer and the company. For this you need to find out some background information about the company as mentioned above. When the interviewer asks you questions, be alert and confident and appear interested as if your life depends on it.

3. Do ask questions to the interviewer

Another way of showing interest is by asking questions to the interviewer. If you didn’t find some information about the company, you can ask the interviewer about it. Also, only after you are selected and given an offer, should you ask about the salary details, the work timings, if not mentioned earlier and whatever relevant questions you have in mind regarding the job.

4. Do follow a formal etiquette

When you meet the interviewer, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Firstly make eye contact and shake hands with him/her firmly. A nervous handshake often gives away your nervousness. Wish him/her according to the time of the day.

5. Do watch your body language

It’s those times when you are nervous, that your body starts speaking on your behalf. Sit upright in your chair. Whenever the interviewer speaks, be alert and show your interest well.

6. Do answer confidently

While answering questions, be sure to speak coherently, clearly and concisely. Keep your answers direct and to-the-point.

7. Do call the interviewer by his/her title

When you are aware of the interviewer’s title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.,), you should always refer to him/her by that title followed by the surname.

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