50 Things Men Wish Women Knew

50 Things Men Wish Women knew

We women assume only we are complicated and demanding. But, that’s not true. Actually, even men have their set of expectations. In fact, they’d be glad if we women take some of their things into count without them telling us. Enlisted below are 50 such things men wish women knew.

1. Men talk when it is required.
2. They are not unorganized. Sure their rooms indicate otherwise, but they can find everything quickly.
3. Games are not silly, they require high brain function.
4. Just because men can pee anywhere, does not mean they actually do so.
5. Do not compare men to someone if you do not want them to return the favor.
6. Men pretend like sex is not a big deal. They’re surprised to know that women cannot see through it.
7. Men need their space as much as women do.
8. Women, who act clingy on the very first date, tend to repel their partner, even if he wants to be in the relationship.
9. Men cannot follow a routine for two weeks in a row. They need to do something different every now and then.
10. Men like it if you allow them to suggest a plumber or a electrician. It strokes their ego.
11. Just because they put off necessary shopping to the last minute does not mean they do not get the importance of social gatherings.
12. Some days they just like to do nothing.
13. Every time they are quiet does not mean they are sad or depressed or angry.
14. If they have something to say to you, they will say it.
15. They lie to you only about trivial stuff which they know you would make a fuss about. That includes stuff like buying a certain book you asked them to read.
16. They do not take you for granted!!
17. Their complimenting someone does not mean they are attracted to them.
18. They hate to lie to their lady when she already knows that she looks fat.
19. Bearing through a day of carrying shopping bags around is not ‘fun’ for men.
20. If men fall asleep after making love does not mean they used the lady.
21. They erase browser history just for women.
22. Poking fun at people does not make men bad.
23. Acting crazy at times is necessary for men to feel alive.
24. Men do not mean everything they say when they get angry.
25. Nagging leads them to avoid you.

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