9 Tips If You Are Traveling to Dubai

9 Tips If You Are Traveling to Dubai

Dubai, the capital of the UAE is situated in the Middle East. The place has awesome landscapes, beautiful sights and silent beaches. The city is ranked as a top place to enjoy vacations. Museums, creeks, islands, malls, restaurants and fountains attract hordes and hordes of tourists. It is a must visit place but don’t forget to keep in mind a few useful tips while traveling to Dubai to make your journey comfortable and entertaining.

1. Choose the right time to plan a trip

The recommended time period for a trip to Dubai is the period from November to April. The climate is pleasant and the accommodation is reasonable. If you believe in Islam, then the best time to visit the place is during the month of Ramadan.

2. Carefully handle your visa and other documents

While on an international journey, do not forget to carry your visa as you may not be allowed to enter the country without it. Passport details must be complete in all respects to cover the risk.

3. Photography enthusiasts, caution!

You must ensure that the picture you are going to click is permitted as government buildings, airports, docks and such other areas are prohibited for clicking pictures. Never try to take the picture of local women since you may get caught in a serious legal issue.

4. Avoid consuming alcohol publicly

The rules in case of alcohol consumption are lenient but you need to make sure that you must not have it at any public place. Also, you can buy alcohol up to 4 bottles per person on your way home but only from duty free shops.

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