5 Ways on How to Break Up Without Hurting Him

Ways on How to Break Up Without Hurting Him

Breaking up with a guy is hard because they do not usually show what they are feeling, and are very unpredictable when put under a situation which involves a truckload of emotions. If you are thinking about breaking up with him, but you really care for him, you have to plan it really well. Here are 5 ways to break up without hurting him:

1. Post Sex:

You guys are in bed, intimate. He probably will be way mellow than he normally is. Just say you want to talk, and be honest in why you want to break up with him. His emotions and the fact that you just had sex would help cushion the blow.

2. After a date:

Go out, have a nice time, and ensure that you go back to his place instead of coming back to yours. And because he would be in a nice, calm mood, tell him it is not working out. He will be shocked for sure, but he is much more likely to accept it after having had a stress free evening.

3. After cooking him a meal:

Go to his place, cook him a nice meal, and after having ‘enjoyed your last meal’, break the news to him. Tell him you care, but this is something you have to do. Hopefully the food will help reduce his pain.

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