11 Positive Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

Positive Effects of Caffeine on Your Body

Caffeine is a bitter tasting alkaloid which is essentially a stimulant drug found in several foods and food products. From tea and coffee to energy drinks and many carbonated drinks, caffeine is found in almost every kind of beverage you can think about. It is naturally present in the seeds, leaves and the fruits of some plants. While popular belief is that too much caffeine is harmful for your body, when taken moderately, caffeine actually has several benefits as well. On the basis of research carried out over years, listed below are 11 positive effects of caffeine on your body.

1. Caffeine helps boost your memory. Studies in Japan have shown that an intake of 200 grams of caffeine significantly improved memory power.

2. If you work out and go to the gym, a combination of caffeine and carbohydrates as a post workout meal is an excellent option. The combination of the two helps replenish muscle glycogen which is helpful in the process of muscle regeneration after a stringent exercise regime.

3. Caffeine as a post workout meal also helps in relieving of the muscle soreness experienced just after.

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4. Caffeine also helps in improving and increasing stamina during exercises and is thus used during workout on moderate levels.

5. Caffeine stimulates hair growth and is thus used as one of the treatment procedures for balding women or women suffering from hair fall.

6. Caffeine is a stimulant and stimulates the secretion of a chemical called dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which activates the pleasure centers of the brain. This also helps in effectively averting depression or depression related psychological ailments.

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