8 Amazing Facts about Honey

Amazing Facts about Honey

Honey, the natural sweetener, is the nectar extracted by honey bees from flowers. It is this wonder food with its unique aroma that finds its place in many recipes. It is used in cakes, drinks and other dishes to enhance their taste naturally without using other sweeteners. In fact, many people also use it in green tea or other kinds of tea. Here are some amazing facts about honey that you were probably never aware of.

1. A little honey spread over toast every morning is a great energy booster. It is also used in various foods by athletes to enhance their energy levels.

2. The medicinal properties of honey have been known since time immemorial. It is known to treat coughs and colds, and also cures sore throats. A little honey consumed with warm water every morning cures most digestive ailments and aids in improving appetite, easing the bowels and strengthening the muscles.

3. little honey mixed in warm milk helps induce sleep at bedtime. It also boosts memory when consumed at bedtime. Needless to say, it is particularly good for growing children.

4. Honey, when stored properly in tight containers, remains fresh for the longest time. It only dilutes when affected by moisture or the atmosphere. Moreover, honey doesn’t get affected by ants. If you see honey being surrounded by ants, it’s a clear indication of the fact that it is not authentic honey.

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