10 Ways To Style Your Hair

10 Ways To Style Your Hair

The way you wear your hair can transform your look completely. It can make you look beautiful, even when your clothes are not that great. Be it at a party or just an evening with friends, you can look your best just with a great hairstyle. Instead of trying the same old clichéd hairstyles over and over again, try the following hairstyling ideas to give yourself a completely new and chic look.

1. Get wavy hair

This is one look that suits almost any kind of face. The best part is, it is not even hard to get wavy hair. All you got to do is braid and twist your hair at night, and then wake up in the morning with beautiful waves in your hair. Team them up with asymmetrical or angular bangs. Voila! You’ll find yourself looking like a million bucks in no time.

2. Keep them straight

As opposed to what people think, straight hair is very versatile because it can be styled in so many different ways. This is one great idea when you want to keep your look simple yet classy. Use a flat iron or a blow dryer to get a silky look. Glam it up by twisting the ends into flicks. You can wear this look daily to work or school as it looks very neat. Let the front part be cut into blunt or wispy bangs, and swept off to one side of your face, to compliment the shape of your face.

3. Choose a bob

Bobs are, undoubtedly, a great hit. Team them up with blunt and sleek bangs or fringes. Bobs highlight your beautiful features like long neck and high cheek bones. They can either be cut till the shoulder or chopped off shorter to end at your ears. They are ideal for straight hair, but they seem to do just fine for those with wavy locks as well.

4. Curl them

This hairdo is seriously a breath of fresh air in the era of gregarious hairdos. If you are just way too fed up of the so very conventional straight hair look, flirtatious curls will work in your favor. You can use curling irons or rollers to form sensual ringlets in your hair.

5. Wear a neat pony tail

Pony tails are very stylish especially in summer. They are perfect for those who don’t like to let their hair down and is more than perfect while traveling. If you’re finding it too simple and want to add an extra element of funk to your hair, try back-combing. You can use some hair-spray or gel to keep your hair in place. Use a cute elastic band to hold your hair back. You can also use pretty colored hair clips for your back combing.

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