7 Steps To Being Glamorous

10 Steps To Being Glamorous

Don’t you wish to be the center of attraction among the boys? Don’t you secretly dream of heads turning in your direction when you enter a party? Don’t you wish that people should compliment you about your looks? Guess what, looking glamorous is not really that tough. Everyone has certain flaws in them, nobody is perfect. The trick is to manage to get the attention off your flaws and highlight your assets. Intrigued? Read ahead and find out how.

1. Look after your body

First and foremost, when someone looks at you, even from a distance, your body is the first thing to come into notice. A fat, flabby body gives a negative first impression. Work on your fitness and remove all the excess fat. That doesn’t mean that you starve yourself. An anorexic body is equally a turn off. Instead, follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food. Take up an exercise such as aerobics, gym, yoga or dancing. Once you have a great body, people will find you gorgeous at the very first glance.

2. Pamper your hair

A girl’s hair is probably the most beautiful thing about her. In order to look stunning, focusing on your hair style is of prime importance. You can style it in many different ways. Your hair can instantly make you appear gorgeous. So take extra care of your beautiful tresses. Make sure that your hair style perfectly suits your face. Experiment on haircuts and colors. Try curling it, straightening it or simply giving it natural waves. Accessorize using bows, headbands, head gears, hair clips, and scarves to get great looking hair.

3. Dress right

Understand your body shape and dress accordingly. Wear classy clothes that suit your body type and your personality. Use makeup that makes you look more elegant. Use stylish accessories to complete your look. Even if you don’t have a celebrity look, right clothes can make you look sophisticated and sexy.

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