9 Beauty Myths that You Can Shrug Off

9 Beauty Myths That You Can Shrug Off

When it comes to beauty, women tend to get extra worrisome. That’s why they follow several beauty regimens religiously, in order to stay beautiful forever. Although, some of these notions are the real secrets to long lasting beauty, some others are nothing but myths. While following the right things is beneficial for beauty, ignoring these myths is equally important. Here’s a list of myths that have taken root in the beauty world, which you must totally shrug off.

1. Eyebrows are supposed to be shaped only according to the brow line

This is a pointless myth. In actuality, shaping your eyebrows doesn’t mean you have to follow any kind of particular pattern. You can shape your eyebrows the way you want them to. You just need to take care that your eyebrows and your face cut complement each other. So go out there, pick a shape that you like the most. And be prepared for a whole lot of compliments that are going to come your way.

2. Shaving results in thicker hair growth

Hair growth depends upon an individual’s body type. Shaving does not make any kind of difference to the way your hair grows back. Some of you, who have sensitive skin, may be allergic to shaving; other than that, shaving has no side-effects. It is, in fact, the most cost-effective way to get rid of hair on your arms and legs.

3.Toothpaste helps to get rid of acne

This is a totally wrong notion that applying toothpaste on your pimple will make it disappear. On the contrary, excess mint in the toothpaste results in inflammation and irritation. This might just make your pimple worse.

4. Constant brushing makes hair smooth and silky

Many women wrongly believe that brushing their hair 100 times a day will make their hair soft and silky. The fact is, excessive brushing can damage the roots of your hair and result in breakage. Brush your hair only twice or thrice in a day, and if your hair catches knots, carefully disentangle them using your fingers.

5. Chocolates cause acne

Chocolates have nothing to do with break outs on your skin. Instead dark chocolate is good for your skin as it has antioxidants that work magic on your skin.

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