5 Tips to Prevent PMS Symptoms

5 Tips to Prevent PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual symptoms is a common story of all the women in the world. Some have minor symptoms and problems whereas some have extreme troubles dealing with the premenstrual symptoms. Heavy and bloated lower abdomen, cramps, body ache, severe mood swings and irritation are all PMS symptoms. There are ways to deal with these symptoms and get them under control. Here are 5 tips to prevent PMS symptoms.

1. Increase your calcium intake

Calcium intake is very important for all the women; it helps in preventing osteoporosis and has other benefits as well. If you have adequate amount of calcium intake on a daily basis, then it is possible to reduce these symptoms to quite an extent. If you consume around 1000-1200 gms of calcium daily, then you would be able to control PMS symptoms like cramps, mood swings, and irritation.

2. Follow a healthy diet plan

Your eating habits largely affect your body function and hormones. If you maintain a healthy diet that consists of salads, fresh fruits, juices, green leafy vegetables, fibers, whole grains and complex carbohydrates, then you would notice a decline in PMS symptoms. Avoid the consumption of excessive red meat, caffeine, refined sugar and salt. These are culprits behind severe PMS symptoms.

3. Focus on a vitamin B-rich diet

Vitamin-B intake is a great way to control the various PMS symptoms like mood swings, depressions, and grumpiness. Try having food items that are rich in vitamin B. You should consume healthy foods like nuts, beans, whole grains, bananas, chicken breasts and the likes. They are rich in vitamin B. Its intake would help you prevent premenstrual symptoms.

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