14 Things That You Must Always Have In Your Handbag

10 Things That You Must Always Have In Your Purse

A handbag is something that you carry along everywhere you go. You carry several things in your handbag which you think you may need at any time. Let us find out about essential items that must be carried in your handbag. In my opinion these are 10 things that you must carry, no matter where you go.

1. Tissue paper

Is your eyeliner falling over your face or is your lipstick smudged? Do you need to wipe your hands somewhere after a meal or just dab the sweat off your brow? A tissue paper will come in handy when you are out. Hence, make sure that you never leave without it.

2. Lip gloss

Many women have this habit of biting their lips. As a result, they end up eating the color on their lips. Similarly while talking, eating and traveling; it is hard for the lipstick to stay intact on the lips. Hence, it is advisable to carry lip gloss along wherever you go, to keep your lips glowing throughout the day.

3. Hand cream

Very often, while traveling, the skin on your hand tends to dry up. If you want to keep your hands soft and supple, make sure that you carry a good hand cream in your handbag, just in case you bump into your crush.

4. Tampons

Does this even require an explanation? Every girl must make sure that she carries some tampons along while she’s traveling. Even if you are not expecting your periods, it never hurts to be safe.

5. Emergency numbers

Suppose your cellphone battery goes down, it is always advisable to write down numbers of your
family, close friends, colleagues and local authorities. If you have telephone numbers you can always ask for help or advice whenever needed.

6. Identity proof

You never know when this comes in use. Make sure that you carry some kind of your identity proof. It can be your passport, your driver’s license or any other proof of your identity.

7. Pen and a Notepad

While you are traveling, in case, you need to take a note of something, a pen and a notepad turns out to be really useful. Plus, they are light in weight, and so easy to carry around.

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