5 Signs that will Alert You About Your Date

Signs that will Alert You About Your Date

Relationships are based on more than just mere attraction. Many things need to fall in place for it to work. What matters most is a genuine sense of love and concern for the other person. If these elements are missing, then there are fewer chances for the relationship to survive in the long run. You need to be always aware of the things that would help you take a wise decision in choosing your partner. Here are some signs that will alert you about your date.

1. He just does not care about your feelings

He does not remember what you tell him. He pretends not to listen when you tell him that your feelings are hurt. If you are crying, he tells you to stop or does not even acknowledge that you are crying. If that is how he is, he might not be a match for you.

2. He is not available for you

If he is always too busy to make plans with you or would rather spend time with the guys, he is clearly not interested. While it is normal to be with his guy friends, if he is constantly dropping his romantic plans with you to drink beer with the guys, it is a sign to move on. Someone who adores you would want to spend as much time with you as possible, discuss his life and work with you and be available for you.

3. Your loved ones are not happy with him

Your family and friends are alarmed or repulsed when you introduce him to them. Another factor is when you are too embarrassed to even introduce him in the first place or he is not interested in getting to know any of them. If any of these things are true about your partner, you need to think about spending your life with him once again.

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