7 Hot Styles for Straight Hair

7 Hot Styles for Straight Hair

Women who have straight hair should consider themselves lucky because there are lots of hot hairstyles that they can play around with. Straight hair looks chic and classy and experimenting with different cuts can only make them look better. Here are a few hot hair style ideas for women with straight hair.

1. Layers with fringes

If you have straight hair which you want to keep long, you can experiment with layers which will give your hair more volume. Ask your stylist to keep long fringes that cover your forehead all the way to your eyebrows. This hairstyle can make a thin face look full too. Taylor Swift has often been spotted flaunting this hot hairstyle.

2. Fishtail braid

The best part about having straight hair is that you can add swirls and curls to your hair as per your wish. If you have straight and long hair, try different types of braids for glamorous occasions. You can try a fishtail braid which will make your face look bigger. French braids also look sophisticated on straight hair as it makes the style hold together very well. Wearing braids will also help you to break out from the monotony that straight hair can create sometimes.

3. Face frame fringes

How would you like your hair to look as it was framed by fringes of different length? A fringe frame hairstyle is all about creating an illusion that your mane is a collection of different fringes put together. Using forward bangs, let your stylist create layers that are shortest towards your forehead and longer as they come towards your chin on both sides. Women with straight hair wanting a modern look can sport this hot hairdo.

4. Out-of-the-bed look

A messy out-of-the-bed hairstyle looks great on women with straight hair because it adds a bit of playfulness and wild fun to the look. You can ask your stylist to create wisps and razored cuts to your style so that it makes for a boho look. Give your hairdo a twist by including some dreadlocks, small braids and accessories like head bands.

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