How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

Sometimes, breakups happen over very small issues. And it may happen that post-breakup, both, the girl and the boy start feeling the longing for each other and want to get back, but don’t know how to. Follow these tips to send signals to your boyfriend that you miss him and want him back in your life.

Get a makeover

Get your appearance right and striking once again. You have been in the blues for enough time and now you need to get back on track. When you go out in the evening, dress up as smartly as you used to when you were dating. Make heads turn and let the word pass on to your erstwhile boyfriend that you’re still a hot property.

Don’t over text or call him

You may be desperate to get back with your boyfriend, but don’t express it; otherwise, you will end up persisting and he will keep resisting. Test the waters and see how inclined he is to get back with you and only then make your next move, so that you don’t end up looking like a fool. The more you spurn him, the more he will be curious to know what you are up to.

Get a life

Even if you’ve had a breakup, make sure you don’t get into a nervous breakdown mode. Focus your energies into something positive, like learning a new language, picking up a new instrument or a sport. This will keep a smile on your face and give solace to your heart. It will also give you a good break from all the emotional turmoil, and keep you fresh – may be something that your boyfriend actually wanted out of you!

Talk it out and apologize

Don’t let ego come in the way of getting your relationship back on track. If you think it was your fault, go to him and apologize. If you want your relationship back very badly, and if you love and care for your boyfriend, accept your fault. Come to an agreement and negotiate, instead of being a haughty and waiting for him to make the first move.

Be noncommittal for a while

If you do feel like seeing him, ask him out for an evening, without carrying the baggage of your relationship – may be an evening of squash or badminton, a quick bite at a fast food joint or just a walk on the beach. Let him know that you can have fun (and not necessarily cry) when you meet him post-breakup. This will also remind him of the fun times you both had together and may get him romantically inclined again.

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