5 Beauty Secrets We have Learned from Mom

5 Beauty Secrets We have Learned from Mom

“Mom, stop nagging,” well, this might be the phrase most of us might have used on hearing our moms’ constant advice on beauty care. But, years later we realize that she was always right when she asked us to moisturize, wear sunscreen, drink water or avoid those junk munchies. All she cared was for the beauty and health of her children. So, it is time to thank her for that and pick out those beauty secrets she has passed to her children. Here are 5 beauty secrets we have learned from mom.

1. Hydrate yourself

When mom used to run behind you with a glass of water or constantly knock on the door for reminding you to drink water, you felt irritated. But she was right! Drinking water helps to flush toxins from the body and make your skin glow. Lack of proper hydration makes your skin dry, tight and flaky. So, hydrating oneself is definitely the secret for a radiant and younger-looking skin.

2. Moisturize

One of the best beauty secrets that have been passed down from our moms is definitely the need for moisturizing. For keeping skin young and wrinkle-free, moisturizing is a must. Moms are generally against those chemical laden creams available in the market. She vouches for natural moisturizers like olive oil or coconut oil. Massaging the body with these natural oils keeps the skin refreshed and glowing.

3. Move around

Remember, when you used to crouch under the blanket, mom gently pulled away the cover and reminded you the need for some physical exercises. And how can she be wrong? Physical exercise is vital for a clear skin and healthy body as it improves the blood circulation and keeps you in shape. Creams and cosmetics can do only a little when compared to workouts.

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