10 Interesting Facts About Gangnam Style Singer Psy

10 Interesting Facts About Gangnam Style Singer Psy

The most viewed video on YouTube, the music video of the Gangnam Style song, launched K-Pop singer, Psy’s global career as a musician. He reached dizzying heights of success and so did this quirky song which became an overnight sensation all over the world. His next song, ‘Gentleman’, which was recently released, was awaited by his new found fans and he proved his mettle again. Here are some interesting facts about this pop sensation.

1. K-Pop, the name given to the South Korean music industry, is a fairly recent phenomenon which started in the end 90s. Although Psy gained global fame and success today, he has been dominating K-Pop since he burst onto the scene way back in 2000.

2. With a whopping 900 million hits to its credit, a number which is ever growing with time, the Gangnam Style music video, which was launched on the internet on July 15, 2012, officially became the most watched video on YouTube.

3. The chubby international star’s real name is Park Jae-Sang and he is 35 years old.

4. He is a qualified musician having earned himself a degree from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music where he claims he failed to get out of bed to attend lectures.

5. Psy has often been at the receiving end of public and official censure for his satirical lyrics not only in his native South Korea, but also in USA. He enraged the US public when in 2004 he rapped on a South Korean metal band’s song, ‘Dear American’ in which he said some anti-American lines that encouraged the killing of people.

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