5 Summer Activities for Kids

5 Summer Activities for Kids

With the world going gaga over technology, children do not seem to be far behind. Outdoor games are slowly being replaced by video games, Xboxes, online chats, virtual socializing and TV sets. Kids no more wish to go out and play volley ball or badminton with their friends. This can adversely affect your child’s growth, concentration, sight and his/her problem solving abilities. It may also develop some major attitude problems. It is important that you help to develop your child’s interest in creative and constructive hobbies. Given below is a list of such summer activities for kids.

1. Baking cakes

Kids love cakes, and they would love to learn making them too! Be by their side, guide them through, place all the ingredients, give them directions and ask them to mix all the ingredients in the right proportion. This will build their skill set, develop their interest in cooking and boost their confidence too, apart from keeping them busy. 

2. Kites

Flying kites is an exciting way to spend the summer. You can teach your kids to make kites and how to fly them too. Kids would love to learn a colorful outdoor activity where they can flaunt their talent to their peers.  This would help them get some sun and get actively involved in some physical activity. 

3. Creating something innovative

You can motivate your kid to build things out of the waste that may be lying around in the house. Pen stands, a wall hanging, flower vases from bottle stands and so on. Further, ask them to gift these to family members or donate them in charity. This will motivate them to utilize things in a better manner and use their time constructively as well.

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