10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview

10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview

Presentation is the essence of every small thing in today’s dynamic corporate world. This also includes how you present yourself. This begins with the very first step of giving an interview for a job. Looking prim and proper, and showing positive attitude is a must. Listed below are certain don’ts when you are going for an important interview.

1. Don’t slouch

Don’t sit back like you are resting on your couch. This indicates that you are lazy. Also avoid leaning forward or slouching. Try and sit straight and tall. Just be comfortable.

2. Don’t give a loose hand shake

Make sure your hand shake is firm and complete. A loose and half hand shake gives an impression that you are not confident about yourself.

3. Don’t avoid eye contact

This is a very important element of the body language you display. Try and create and then maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If the panel has more than one person, look at each one of them from time to time. Breaking contact shows lack of interest.

4. Don’t cross your arms

Arms crossed over the chest suggest that you are defensive and not very open. Keep your arms by your side which say that you are easily approachable.

5. Don’t nod unnecessarily

Just because a person is sitting on the other side of the desk does not mean you agree to everything he or she says. Do not nod or agree to everything one says. This may actually belittle your own opinions and stance.

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