4 Reasons Why Guys Fall for Average Looking Women

4 Reasons Why Guys Fall for Average Looking Women

Ever wondered how some girls seem to attract a lot of male attention, even though they don’t look that great or aren’t that smart? Well, the cliche is that men don’t like very smart girls, but what about looks? How come even an average looking girl seem to score the best of men to their credit? Here are four reasons why guys fall for average looking women.

1. An average looking woman is less of a challenge

Believe it or not most men find very attractive women out of their league. They feel she is too special to be wooed. “Beauty can make you nervous.” Usually, men who haven’t had much luck with beautiful women before, think this way. Whereas, an average looking woman is someone well within their reach.

2. An average looking woman is low maintenance

There’s a social tendency to equate a woman’s worth with beauty. An accomplished man has a lot of money, a noted woman, beauty! Most people feel a beautiful woman will be high maintenance and more demanding than an average looking woman. In a way, an average looking woman gives a man a sense of control. This in turn, makes them more comfortable in approaching or having relationship with an average looking woman.

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